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New Ford Expedition



new Ford Expedition

The 2021 Ford Expedition still remains a strong contender in the full-size, three-row SUV class. Most recently redesigned in 2019, the Expedition now features fully independent suspension and a V6 engine. It’s comfortable, competent, and capable for carrying up to eight passengers and their gear. The Expedition Max adds length and capacity, stretching out its tail by nearly a foot. No major changes are expected for 2021.

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2018 Ford Expedition

Completely overhauled, easily-accessible third row, infused with aluminum, and sporting a new look, the 2018 Expedition is the superhero of the full-size SUV class.

2018 Ford Expedition vs Dodge Durango

Families love sport utility vehicles and it's easy to see why. They have plenty of room for all the kids along with their backpacks or sleeping bags. They sit higher than other cars, for a good view of the road. And they are sportier and more attractive than traditional minivans. But which sport utility vehicle is the ultimate family vehicle?

2018 Ford Expedition vs Chevrolet Suburban

The Ford Expedition is all new for 2018. This large sport utility vehicle is making some waves as one of the best in its class on the market today. What makes the Expedition so remarkable? To answer that question, we'll contrast this Ford to another popular large, three-row SUV: the 2018 Chevrolet Suburban.

2018 Ford Explorer vs Ford Expedition

If you're looking at SUVs, allow us to introduce you to Ford's two bestselling sport utility vehicles: the Ford Explorer and Ford Expedition. They're both three-row SUVs, great for hauling plenty of people or a tons of stuff. In this comparison guide, we'll help you decide which is right for you and your crew.

2018 Ford Explorer vs Ford Edge

Most auto manufacturers try to hit all the bases when planning their lineup. Take Ford, for example. You can probably find a vehicle in their lineup that perfectly meets your needs. In this comparison guide, we'll put the 2018 Ford Explorer and Edge side by side so you can see which one better fits you and your lifestyle.

2019 Ford Expedition

What do you want in a large sport utility vehicle? Power is a plus. Room for you, your passengers, and everyone's stuff is a must. And a great look that hints at the powerhouse under the hood would be good. What if we told you that we have a winning combination for you? The 2019 Ford Expedition.

2019 Ford Expedition vs Toyota Sequoia

In this battle of the giants (SUVs, we mean), we pair the 2019 Ford Expedition opposite the Toyota Sequoia. As the Toyota’s name suggests, these are large SUVs, designed to hold a lot of people and plenty of cargo. In this comparison guide, we size up each SUV and determine an overall winner based on the categories that make sense for a sport utility vehicle this size.

2020 Ford Expedition

With its muscular performance and plush cabin, the 2020 Ford Expedition is taking the full-size SUV experience to new heights.

Ford Expedition vs Nissan Armada

Big families with boats to tow and off-road trails to travel love the 2020 Ford Expedition and Nissan Armada. But which is more beloved? Our comparison guide takes a closer look at what you’ll find inside these three-row SUVs and just how capable each one actually is.

Ford Expedition Limited vs King Ranch Max

With a score of 8.5 out of 10, the Ford Expedition 2020 is rated #1 Best Large SUV for 2020. It’s in a class of its own with its high-end interior, muscular turbocharged engine, ample cargo space along with three rows of roomy seating, and a towing capacity that’s the best in its class. Let’s not forget the infotainment system that includes a SYNC 3 user-friendly system which includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Standard features also include satellite radio, voice recognition, four USB ports, and a Wi-Fi hot spot. Let’s step it up a notch and compare the Ford Expedition Limited to the Ford Expedition King Ranch Max.

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