New Ford Mustang



The Chevrolet Camaro will no longer be produced after 2023. Not only is the Chevy Camaro being discontinued in the coming years but the Dodge Challenger and Charger will also stop production by the end of 2023. For fans of American made muscle, this seems like a load of bad news. Mustang fans have been getting worried especially, wondering if they are seeing the writing on the wall. Fortunately for us, Ford plans on making the Mustang for years to come. The Mustang is returning in 2023, and in 2024 we cannot wait for the new generation of the Mustang. We are happy to say that the Pony car will continue well into the next few years. The 2023 Mustang is the last iteration of the 6th generation, and because of this Ford has packed it full of features.

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