New Ford Explorer



SUVs are the perfect vehicle for most individuals and families, because they fit almost everything and get decent gas mileage, especially when most come with a hybrid option. This means that the SUV market is easily the most competitive market in the United States, and the most popular SUV in this market is the Ford Explorer. Ford has created a perfect blend between ruggedness and style, meaning the Explorer meets almost everyone’s expectations of what an SUV should be. Not only that but the Explorer does a great job of having a wide array of trims and engine options making an Explorer in almost everyone’s price range and with the options that drivers are looking for. The 2023 Ford Explorer continues to set the bar high for the SUV market and for vehicles in general.

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**Demonstrator Vehicles and out of service loaner vehicles, are still eligible for applicable new retail rebates and incentives. These vehicles are no longer considered new as they have been driven as demonstrators or have served in our service loaner fleet. The manufacturer Warranty of these vehicles may be different than the manufacturer of a similar new vehicle and may include more or less coverage depending on its use and Ford’s current policies. Please consult your dealer for current details of the warranty and incentives.
To qualify for the Trade Assist, customer must trade in a vehicle that runs, and is driveable, at the time of sale to Brighton Ford.