GAP Insurance Is The Perfect Bridge

GAP insurance is the perfect bridge from your regular insurance to an add-on. It's meant to help families and it does. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance works by providing the difference between what a family owes and what their car is worth in the actual market. This can fluctuate depending on the market, vehicle and finance charges.

A customer might buy a new vehicle on a five-year term with 4-5% interest. This customer needs GAP insurance before he walks off the lot. Here's why. The vehicle is now worth less than what he or she owes over the long haul. GAP insurance alleviates that issue and provides a perfect bridge. In the event of an accident, GAP insurance would pay the difference between what this customer owes and what an insurance company will give according to fair market value.

It's an essential for new car owners and many used vehicle buyers. You can visit our dealership today to find out more about GAP insurance.
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