What to Keep in a Roadside Emergency Kit

Finding yourself stranded on a road in the middle of nowhere is not a great feeling. Just ask a person who has gone through this nightmare. They would probably tell you that they wish they would have had a roadside emergency kit.
They don't have to be large items. They just need to contain some basic items that will help you get through the most common unfortunate situations. Include items like these:
1. Battery cables for your dead battery.
2. Basic tools to help repair small engine problems.
3. Flares and road cones to alert others of your situation.
4. A bottle of flat fixer for small tire leaks.
5. A portable electric pump to air your tires back up to normal pressure.
6. A cell phone charger so you can communicate without the phone going dead.
Just a few simple items can make what may seem like a nightmare into an easy fix!
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